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Kitchen Fragrances India LLP was founded in 2011. This partnership began Design In Cakes, an online cake ordering website which culminated into the 7th Heaven brand. The first physical outlet, 7th Heaven, opened in Lokhandwala, Andheri (W) (Mumbai).


7th Heaven is currently India’s largest bakery chain with 200+ outlets in India and is even present internationally. Franchises are present in 23 states & UTs, in over 75+ cities.


7th Heaven’s unique Live Kitchen* prepares cakes in just 7 minutes*. Freshness and quality is never compromised as customers can see their cake being prepared live!


7th Heaven comes in 3 models for franchising - Classic, Plus, Café which ranges from selling just cakes and desserts to a multitude of baked goods, hot & cold beverages and popular dishes of various cuisines.


Some interesting facts about 7th Heaven:

  1. Has 200+ outlets spanning 23 states & UTs, right from J&K-Kerala and across Gujarat-Manipur. You will find a 7th Heaven outlet in every corner of the country.

  2. The 7th Heaven franchisee network has created more than 1,000 full time jobs directly, and many more indirectly.

  3. The 7th Heaven franchisee network sells anywhere between 7,000-10,000 cakes every day! It is a part of over 3 million celebrations across India every year.

  4. During the day, every 6 seconds - someone, somewhere enjoys a 7th Heaven product.

  5. Many top celebrities of Bollywood are 7th Heaven customers.

  6. On an average, approximately a new 7th Heaven outlet opens every week.

  7. 7th Heaven prepares cakes live in front of the customers in 7 minutes.

  8. 7th Heaven prepares and delivers on the same day, customized cakes in any shape and design.

  9. Over 300+ SKUs are served at some 7th Heaven outlets.

  10. 7th Heaven has developed some unique techniques and recipes for their own exclusive use.

  11. 7th Heaven has expanded to the UAE and is looking forward to expanding in other countries.


7th Heaven has a presence in the following states & UTs of India -

  1. Maharashtra

  2. Gujarat

  3. Bihar

  4. Andhra Pradesh

  5. Orissa

  6. Uttar Pradesh

  7. Goa

  8. Punjab

  9. West Bengal

  10. Assam

  11. Jharkhand

  12. Karnataka

  13. Arunachal Pradesh

  14. Manipur

  15. Tamil Nadu

  16. Madhya Pradesh

  17. Jammu & Kashmir

  18. Ladakh

  19. Kerala

  20. Chhattisgarh

  21. Haryana

  22. Nagaland

  23. Telangana

To Place an order call - 9976085098
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